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Myth. Legend. Nightfall has long been rumoured to be nothing more than whispers on the breeze. If only it were so…

How far is too far for a man’s soul to recover from? Join ex-assassin Asher as he struggles to reconcile his life’s training with a mission asking too much of even his blackened soul. With a new life as a ranger offering a glimpse of redemption, how long can his hunt for monsters push back the inevitable, before the Assassin within prevails once more?

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Another great one

Quaintrell has a way with his characters and stories that just pull you in waiting for the next exciting part of the book. I couldn’t put it down!!

It’s been fascinating watching the rise of self-publishers. There’s some amazing talent out there if you can find it, and I’m glad I found Quaintrell. He’s become a master of storytelling, and his pacing is perfect in this one. 

Refreshingly different

The story is different enough from most fantasies I have read to make it worth the read. I like the fact that the main character has an awakened conscience and a sense of justice. There are some fairly well concealed surprises.

My favourite of all his books

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Amazon Review

Amazon Review

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