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Kalian Gaines has a secret; he just doesn’t know it yet. He looks like us, he lives like us... but he is not one of us.

This quadrilogy series by Philip C. Quaintrell is a fantastic galaxy-spanning epic, exploring the origins of mankind. With a rich Mystery, intrigue and adventure sweeps you away into worlds beyond Earth.

Terran Cycle BG.png


Hooked on Quaintrell

Philip C. Quaintrell has become a master story teller with this amazing sci-fi adventure. As with The Echoes Saga, he writes a truly captivating story rich with new spins on the human origin. I highly recommend this series along with The Echoes Saga.

This was a awesome read. I was hooked!! Loved the visuals. I just wanted to sit in my reading chair and not move. A truly enjoyable series I would definitely recommend.

A must read

Overall a really enjoyable series that I devoured in a few days. The characters developed well over the series and the unfolding of the layers of the Terran mystery was well done.

Great read

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Amazon Review

Amazon Review

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