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The Time Keepers, scholars who hold office in the All-Tower of Palios, have ever held sway over the turning of the Age, a measure of time adopted from the elves. Only a great cataclysm can end one and begin another. The pre-dawn, before recorded history, remains in shadow, left to myth and legend...

Recorded history begins here, noted by the elves who dominated Illian. It was a time of the Dragorn, led by Elandril and his dragon Nylla.


The First Age came to an end after the elves and dwarves of Dhenaheim united against the orcs during The Great War.


First Age 

Lasted 3,000 Years 

Considered to be a golden era of peace for the elves. Towards the end of the Age, humans - an untamed and short-lived race - began to emerge from The Wild Moores. The more aggressive amongst them became known as the Darkakin. This is marked as the first conflict between man and elf. The Darkakin were eventually forced south, beyond The Undying Mountains. Syla’s Gate was constructed to ensure they never returned…


The Second Age was brought to an end with The Dark War, a bloody conflict that pitted elf against elf. 


SecOnd Age 

Lasted 4,000 Years 

In the wake of war and great loss, the elves abandoned Illian and sailed for the eastern shores of Ayda. Thus, began the time of man, who had taken the knowledge given to them by the elves and risen to dominance. King Gal Tion, the first human king of Illian, unified the realm under one banner, until his greed and war with the dragons fractured the country into six kingdoms.


third Age 

Lasted 1,000 Years 



THE Great war


Fought during the First Age. The only recorded time in history that elves and dwarves have united. They fought against the orcs with the help of the Dragorn, the first elvish dragon riders. This war ended the First Age.

THE Dark war


Fought during the Second Age. Considered the elvish civil war. Valanis, the dark elf, tried to take over Illian in the name of the gods. This war ended the Second Age.

THE Dragon war


Fought in the beginning of the Third Age, only a few years after The Dark War. The surviving elves left Illian for Ayda’s shores, fleeing any more violence. Having emerged from The Wild Moores, the humans, under King Gal Tion’s rule, went to war with the dragons over their treasure. This saw the exile of the surviving dragons and the beginning of human dominance over Illian.

Dwarf Icon.png




Ruled by King Uthrad, son of Koddun

Domain: Silvyr Hall



Ruled by King Gandalir, son of Bairn

Domain: Hyndaern



Ruled by King Dorain, son of Dorryn

Domain: Grimwhal



Ruled by King Torgan, son of Dorald

Domain: Nimduhn



Ruled by King Thedomir, son of Thaldurum

Domain: Khaldarim



Ruled by King Gaerhard, son of Hermon

Domain: Bhan Doral

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